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Bringing new perspectives to the region

Experts from outside of Tokachi stimulate sensibility of people in Tokachi and make a new trend of discussion.

A comprehensive partnership agreement concluded with Sapporo Medical University

With the research of Sapporo Medical University, operating events related health, seeking collaboration with the Food Valley Tokachi Project.

Kachimai concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Sapporo Medical University (President: Dr. Kazuaki Shimamoto) in May 2014, and has since then implemented projects to promote health and improve public welfare. These projects include open lectures by the university lecturers. With the Food Valley Tokachi Project in mind, the company is looking for ways to provide information connecting health promotion with the advantages of food production in Tokachi based on the university’s research outcomes.

Handshake between Sapporo Medical University President Dr. Shimamoto (left) and Kachimai President Hiroshi Hayashi

Kodokoron opinion column

Columns with full of suggestions to make the region more affluent by energetic contributors.

To become an essential newspaper for Tokachi residents, Kachimai improved contents in the newspaper and the paper includes columns featuring essays and comments on current affairs by experts living outside Tokachi. This was intended to promote a speech culture that would lead to the development of Tokachi, a prominent agricultural region. 14 energetic experts, including journalists, university professors and a novelist, contribute to the Kodokoron column on a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, culture and other current subjects and suggestions for regional revitalization.

Articles written by two or three contributors are run every other Sunday.

Kodokoron contributors /
Mad Amano (parodist), Miyako Inoue (former representative of the Komatsu-za theater), Akane Kanda (professional storyteller), Shigeaki Koga (Former staff of Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry), Shuji Koiso (specially appointed professor of Hokkaido University Faculty of Public Policy), Haruo Kurasawa (science journalist), Yuko Kuwabara (chairperson of Kakuta theater company), Kou Machida (novelist), Isao Makino (artist), Kousuke Motani (chief researcher at the Japan Research Institute), Hidetoshi Sotooka (journalist), Hitoshi Suzuki (book designer), Yoshiko Tatsumi (gourmet scholar), Susumu Watada (journalist)
*alphabetical order by family name


Lectures by currently popular celebrities to encourage women in Tokachi to shine even brighter.

A members-only club named SALA was established in 2009 for women living in Tokachi and has implemented activities to support women who hope to enrich their lives further. The club holds 3 lectures annually and lessons for its members among other activities. In particular, the lectures attract many members, provide them opportunities to feel more positive as the speakers share their unique perspectives and experiences with SALA members.

Speakers /
FY 2008: Mariko Hayashi, FY 2009: Chizu Saeki, Zuni Yamada, Yuzuki Muroi, FY 2010: Kenichiro Mogi, Naoko Ken, Mie Hama; FY 2011: Hideko Yamashita, Keiko Toda, Rika Kayama, FY 2012: Kunihiko Takeda, Mari Natsuki, Natsuko Toda, FY 2013: Piko, Jin Meiling, Mariko Hayashi, FY 2014: Eri Watanabe, Naoki Ogi, Junichi Miyashita