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Promoting culture, sports and education

Kachimai has supported the creative activities of local residents and led communities and people to be active.

Kachimai, a sports promoter

Increasing the number of sports players through media coverage and serving as a driving force for producing top-class athletes.

Kachimai has worked to promote sports in the Tokachi region since its foundation. These include the rubber-ball baseball tournament, which has continued for over half a century, and Mini-Volley – a sport that originated in Tokachi. It has also helped promote sports culture through commendation activities by offering medals and other awards at municipal sports events. Kachimai's community-based stance is also found in its coverage of sports, running articles on the results of activities of local youth sports associations and school clubs every day. Kachimai has served as a driving force for producing numerous top-class athletes from the region.

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Cup Rubber-ball Baseball Tournament

NPO Tokachi Culture Forum

Promotion of local culture by art and culture enthusiasts.

NPO Tokachi Culture Forum – a private cultural organization consisting of art and culture enthusiasts – marked the 30th anniversary of its foundation in 2012. It has approximately 300 members in 13 categories. They work on photography, fine art, literature, calligraphy, flower arrangement and local history studies. The Kachimai Academy – culture classes held by Kachimai – offers approximately 170 courses such as education, hobbies, health, beauty and cooking. It provides opportunities for self-improvement through short-term and regular classes.

A traveling exhibition featuring works by an artist living in Tokachi

Corporate tours and NIE

Newspaper close to children by reading articles at elementary school based on collaboration between schools and the media.

Large numbers of people visit Kachimai for tours. These include students and teachers from schools in Tokachi subprefecture and elsewhere in Hokkaido, senior officials of municipal governments and representatives of neighborhood associations and various other organizations. In 2014, people from 45 schools and 7 organizations participated in company tours, learning how newspapers are published by observing publication processes from the beginning. Kachimai has been implementing an NIE program "Newspaper in Education" since 1990 to promote to read newspapers in school education. The company supports education of children through collaboration with schools.

A copy editor describing the newspaper publication process in simple terms