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Cross-media approach

We introduce news and advertisement through the newspaper and each unique media.

Diversification of media coverage

Providing comprehensive information as journalists rather than just as newspaper reporters.

Kachimai's Editorial Bureau plays a main role in the company's media coverage and sends out the latest news in collaboration with the Digital Media Bureau, which is responsible for online media management, the group's cable TV and FM radio, and other organizations. Newspaper reporters play active roles as journalists, appearing on TV and radio programs. Breaking news is also uploaded online along with video footage. Kachimai’s cross-media operates under promptness and analysis of news.

Morning editorial meeting involving the staff of the group’s cable TV and FM radio stations

Kachimai’s online version

Accessing full of online local information from anywhere in the world.

Kachimai's online edition is available from multiple devices, including PCs and smartphones. News can be read anytime, anywhere. Kachimai's online edition provides a wide range of information, including many resources that can only be found online. These are breaking news, video clips, article search and the Tokachi Hyakka [Tokachi Encyclopedia] database of local people and businesses. The online edition also provides information on tourism spots, food and movies. We offer a reasonable plan combining home delivery with online edition.

Accessible from multiple devices, including desktops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Establishment of CMC Cross Media Communication, Inc.

Offering optimal media plan with integrating mass-medias.

In April 2013, Kachimai divided its advertising section, and established Cross Media Communication, Inc. This has enabled that we unify the way to sell advertising space in newspapers, TV/radio programs and the Internet, and has allowed the appropriate selection and recommendation of media as demanded by advertisers. Kachimai also creates new communication services, not just advertisements, across multiple platforms by offering promotional materials and proposing/organizing seminars and other events.

The cross in the logo represents the Chinese letter To in Tokachi and the image of traversing the region using media.