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Hyper-local media

Publication of newspapers underpinned by touching people based on thorough community-based coverage – Kachimai's abiding editorial policy from its first issue.

Machi-mai News

Reviewing the significance of local newspapers from the point of community-based coverage.

Kachimai issued the Machi-mai News article in 2012 based on the concept of highlighting daily life in the community (machi no mainichi) as news. We have expanded the article’s target areas and forcused on the appeal of these areas, such as little-known parts of history, people and facilities.

In addition to newspapers, Kachimai's entire Media Group is involved in regional promotion as evidenced by special programs broadcast by Obihiro City Cable, Inc. (OCTV) and FM Obihiro, Inc. (FM-JAGA), as well as by the special pages on the Kachimai website.

Conveying daily life in the community to people in Tokachi

Comi-chan community channels

Production of TV programs underpinned by touching people like Kachimai's newspaper production to inform people of news via video.

OCTV's self produced channels known as Comi-chan community channels (i.e., 10 ch. and 11 ch.) broadcasting various programs, including the Tokachi no Dekigoto, weekly news program and those featuring school events, sports events, Obihiro City Assembly sessions and Banei horse racing. Information is provided across multiple platforms – the news footage recorded by OCTV staff is posted on the Kachimai website, and the video recorded by Kachimai reporters is shown on the Comi-chan channels.

Editing of digitized images

Chai free magazine

Free magazine with the largest circulation in Tokachi supports local business.

Chai monthly issued free magazine, which supports the daily lives of local residents in Tokachi, has the circulation of 135,700 in the entire Tokachi region. It features up-to-date local topics and includes various sorts of information, on fine food, fashion, esthetic treatments and healing spots. This high-circulation information magazine helps many local people enrich their daily lives.

Kachimai also publishes many other publications, including Manpuku Tokachi magazine with local information for tourist and Doto Ramen Kaido [East Hokkaido Ramen Street] magazine featuring ramen restaurants in eastern Hokkaido.

Distributed to all households in Obihiro and neighboring municipalities