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Efforts to develop food production into a major industry

 Food production is a key word. It is important for the development of Tokachi as much as agriculture. Kachimai has been making efforts to establish food brands and produce value-added products in line with the Food Valley Tokachi project, which involves all parties in the region. To spread of information on foods is the Kachimai Group’s primary mission.

Branding of Tokachi Wagyu beef

Featured articles and projects helps to develop new beef-producing areas.

Tokachi is a major beef-producing area and known for Tokachi Beef from Holstein steers. Meanwhile, black wagyu beef has gotten a lot of attention recently, and the high quality of black wagyu beef cattle from Tokachi is recognized as evidenced by their high rating in national livestock shows. Kachimai has run articles featuring Tokachi Wagyu beef to enhance its profile and to develop it into a popular livestock product in the region.

CMC Cross Media Communication (a Kachimai Group company) has played a major role in planning Tokachi Wagyu Beef Projects. These include the Tokachi Wagyu Beef Fair involving local restaurants and the Wagyu Beef Thank-you Fair held at the Kita Aikoku Community Square in Obihiro. The Kachimai Group is supporting the establishment of the Tokachi Wagyu brand and the development of new beef-producing areas.

Popular Tokachi Wagyu beef was a favored choice among visitors to the International Agricultural Machinery Show held in Obihiro for the first time in eight years.

Promoting natural cheese production

Inviting an international conference for enhancing local farmers' techniques, and locally produced goat cheese served on international flights.

As a prominent dairy region, Tokachi produces a major proportion of domestic natural cheese and also sees the robust production of unique farmstead cheese. Kachimai played an active part in inviting Le Comite Plenier des Fromages, an international conference of professional farmstead cheese producer groups in Europe, to Obihiro in 2005. Local farmers’ exchanges with 55 cheese-making professionals from Europe lead the development of Tokachi to the world-class.

Ranran Farm in Shimizu Town, a member of Kachimai's Tourism Group, produces goat cheese – a rare product in Japan. Tokachi Chèvre SUMI cheese is served in Japan Airlines’ first-class in-flight meals for international flights.

Visitors from outside Japan enjoying Tokachi cheese at the Le Comite Plenier des Fromages venue

Highlighting the appeal of Tokachi through culinary delights

A local specialty shop that connects points of production and consumption.

Tokachiya, located in the Ginza Corridor, Tokyo, is the only casual restaurant operated by Kachimai's Tourism Group in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It serves dishes cooked with ingredients from Tokachi, such as farm and dairy products, meat, seafood and wine. It also holds cooking lessons and talk events featuring food producers. It is also served as a local specialty shop, showcasing Tokachi food in Tokyo – a major point of consumption.

Tokachi nouen, located in central Obihiro, also promotes the consumption of locally produced food by serving dishes cooked with seasonal local ingredients. It holds events to promote exchanges between farmers and consumers and is also positioned as a sightseeing spot.

Tokachiya, a restaurant that also serves as a local specialty shop in the Tokyo metropolitan area