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Protecting agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of Tokachi's economy. The region has earned a certain position as Japan's breadbasket thanks to the untiring efforts and ingenuity of local farmers. Promotion of Tokachi’s high-quality farm products in foreign markets has picked up steam in recent years with related cutting-edge efforts garnering attention. Kachimai has commitment to develop in step with the local agricultural industry.

Multifaceted examination of trade liberalization

Providing dominant information on TPP, including reports from abroad.

Tokachi achieved record breaking agricultural output of 260 billion yen in 2012, and its food self-sufficiency ratio is estimated to be 1,100 percent on a calorie basis. Kachimai has provided information on agriculture in Tokachi, which has contributed to the improvement of Japan's food self-sufficiency ratio, and highlighted agricultural issues from various perspectives.

The biggest concern for farmers in Tokachi is free trade because it would force their major products, such as wheat, beef, dairy products and beets, to compete with imports. The amount of information published about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations by Kachimai has overwhelmingly surpassed that of other newspapers as Kachimai has run detailed articles about the policy of the national government and opinions of local communities. It has also reported on the actual situation in South Korea after it concluded a free trade agreement (FTA) with the U.S.

Coverage as appropriate and multifaceted examination of TPP issues, which will affect the future of agriculture in Tokachi

Publishing the New Agricultural Technology booklet

Introducing farmers to the latest research to help the performance of production sites improve.

Farmers in Tokachi have improved productivity through individual efforts, which have been supported by technical studies and selective breeding efforts made by the tokachi agricultural experiment stations and public institute.

Since 1993, Kachimai has annually published the latest research as of February in a booklet titled Nogyo Shingijutsu – Tokachi Nogyo Kiji Hairaito [New Agricultural Technology – Highlights of Articles on Agriculture in Tokachi] and distributed it to all farm households for free in May. This is intended to encourage local farmers to learn about cutting-edge technologies at home to improve the performance of their production sites. Mr. Toshinobu Arizuka, the President of the Tokachi District of the Japan Agricultural Cooperative Presidents, commented that the booklet has enabled farmers to share information on cutting-edge technologies at production sites and helped the establishment of the Tokachi Brand.

Agriculture in Tokachi supported by individual farmers’ improvement of production techniques

Everlasting soil improvement campaign

Kachimai's Agricultural Guide article and Farming Discussion event to help to revitalize rural areas.

Kachimai has continued its everlasting soil improvement campaign and pointed out problems hindering the achievement of green agriculture. Agriculture in Tokachi is characterized by the harmonious integration of crop, dairy and livestock farming operations. It serves as a model for sustainable agriculture, in which compost is used to improve the soil fertility of crop fields. Soil improvement reduces the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and has become an indispensable element for the production of safe and reliable farm products, which are demanded by consumers.

Kachimai's weekly Nogyo Guide [Agricultural Guide] article and early spring/yearend Farming Discussion events are popular regular events. Kachimai has quickly responded to international moves, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, and provided information on the actual situation in Tokachi as Japan's breadbasket through a variety of events.

Everlasting soil improvement campaign to promote sustainable agriculture